Kwik-Build Panels go up so quickly and easily, you’ll be astounded! So will your workmen! Exterior framing for a 1500 square foot house can be erected in two days with one small work crew.

Assembly Process

First: Your blueprint files are loaded into our computerized factory equipment, from which panels are manufactured.

Second: Panels are fabricated to your project design and load specifications.

Third: Panels are delivered to job site, sequentially numbered for quick, easy installation, in 5 easy steps.

  1. Attach steel channel bottom plate to slab using a moisture resistant sealant buffer.
  2. Stand panels in numbered sequence provided by manufacturer.
  3. Secure panel-to-panel connections at joints, using steel plates provided.
  4. Plumbing can be cut in with a hot knife.
  5. Run electrical through open chase ways. Field adjustments are easily made using a hot knife.
  6. Any interior or exterior finishes may be applied to panels:
    1. Stucco, brick, stone or siding on the outside.
    2. Gypsum board, wood or tile on the inside.
    3. Roof panels can be covered with tile, metal or shingles.

Amazing accuracy is maintained making life easier for down-line trades

  • Straight, smooth wall surfaces.
  • Won’t warp, splinter or crack. No nail pops.
  • No roller coaster out-of-square walls prior to sheathing or dry walling.
  • No buckling or shrinkage.
  • No trim waste or losses from poor lumber pieces.
  • Site cleanup and waste hauling time (and costs) are reduced.


Light in Weight But Strong

“In blistering hot summer temperatures, our new home has stayed nice’n’cool since it was built using Kwik-Build Panels. Even before it was completely closed in, the interior of our home was already noticeably cooler, … and surprisingly resistant to outdoor heat. Best of all, my wife’s allergies have even improved since the air-tightness of the panels does not allow dust and allergens to penetrate”.

Shayne Ferber, Homeowner