• Improved Home Quality Without Higher Cost of Ownership:

    • Reduced construction loan interest burdens, project insurance for Workman’s Comp and fire insurance premiums.
    • Structural framing, sheathing and insulation are consolidated into a single operation, requiring smaller labor crews with lesser skill levels.
    • Earlier occupancy provides earlier income stream.
  • Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort

    • Superior and stable thermal insulation properties of EPS can reduce heating and cooling costs by 40 to 50%.
    • Tight panel joints eliminate energy lost through uncontrolled air leaks.
    • Uniquely designed panels eliminate energy losses from thermal bridging, typical in wood or steel-framed structures.
    • Downsized HVAC units and/or smaller, more affordable alternative energy systems can reduce upfront costs

Ultimately, nothing is cheaper or cleaner than a kilowatt hour of energy not needed.

  • Risk Management – Your home will be more durable and resistant to forces of nature

    • Moisture resistance – Each year, an estimated $9-10 billion is spent to correct construction defects. 80 % of those defects are moisture-related, of which more than half originate in moisture-prone building envelopes.
    • Fire protection – Kwik-Build Panels offer a Class A fire resistance rating. Unlike wood, steel is non-combustible and will not contribute fuel to fires. Similarly, EPS does not contribute fuel to fires. It melts at high temperatures and vapors are non-toxic.
    • Seismic hazard advantages – Lighter walls transfer seismic forces, rather than sustaining or contributing to structural damage.
  • Durability

    • Reduced lifetime maintenance and operating costs. Once exterior and interior finishes are applied, panels require no maintenance. They resist mold, termites, insects and rodents. They will not rot, rust or decompose.
  • Other Benefits

    • Piece of mind – From panel conception to construction, strict quality control is maintained.
    • Energy efficient buildings are in great demand and command higher resale values.

The cost of home ownership does not end when you move in. That’s when your utility bills and maintenance expenses begin. A Kwik-Build Panels enclosure will not only provide you with a healthier, more thermally comfortable and quieter indoor environment, but will also reduce your operating expenses, providing an excellent return on your investment for years to come. Why not future-proof your next project with state-of-the-art construction materials?