Kwik-Build Panels was formed in 2007 by David Shields, a Green Point Rater and Evelyn Shields.  Both are LEED® Accredited Professionals. Evelyn served as Vice Chair of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) San Diego Board in charge of Strategic Planning and was an elected representative to USGBC’s Pacific Regional Council, as liaison between San Diego, other California and National Chapters.

Over 35 years as a General Contractor in California, David recognized that the challenges facing the building industry had escalated.  Health issues from mold and insect infestations endemic to wood framing were costly and hazardous; quality of lumber was diminishing and inconsistent; exploding material and labor costs  were not sustainable; and  an ever-shrinking skilled labor force, with insufficient new workers to replace retirees, was ominous.

In search of finding more cost effective and time/labor saving sustainable construction methods, David began exploring alternative building methods. With various partners, he helped develop innovative building envelope systems. While valuable lessons were learned, results proved impractical and too costly for clients.

Their “Eureka moment” came when they found a building system, in use for over 30 years on the East Coast. It combined the best features of proven, robust construction materials and efficiencies of off-site fabrication with ease of onsite-assembly. The building envelope system, whilst promising, would require re-designing the structural and thermal resistance aspects, in order to meet or exceed the more stringent California building and testing standards.

An equally enthusiastic collaborator offered to build a new manufacturing plant which would capitalize on more current manufacturing processes and equipment than was available 30 years ago. Together, they focused on improving the structural integrity and insulating properties of the panels. More importantly, speed and production capacity  was quadrupled.

Manufactured by AIRLIGHT Building Panels®, the completely reinvented High Performance Building Envelope system is manufactured to reflect higher building standards. The patented panels are distributed worldwide under the private label Kwik-Build Panels, LLC, offering a host of advantages over conventional building materials and techniques.  Using Kwik-Build Panels for your next project will not only amaze you, but provide you with immediate and long term cost benefits, adding lifelong value to your projects.


 David will work with you to find the best cost savings for your project,
utilizing the Kwik-Build Panels system.