Using Kwik-Build Panels will provide you with a competitive edge over traditional stick frame builders and enhance your reputation as a timely and superior builder. No more construction defects in workmanship or callbacks associated with wood framing, which will help you adhere to established budgets regardless of conditions.

  • Speed of Construction

    • Panel fabrication concurrent with site work and slab preparation speeds project delivery.
    • Simplified erection logistics reduces construction time by approximately 50%.
    • The lightweight panels are numerically labeled for quick on-site assembly, maximizing field efficiency, while providing a safe working platform for installers. One small crew can handle your entire installation.
    • No need to coordinate multiple trades, sub-contractors and associated inspection schedules.
  • Cost Savings

    • Project management and site supervision expenses reduced.
    • On-site prevailing wages for public works are greatly reduced.
    • Costly heavy-lifting equipment or their operators are not required for panel installation.
    • Pre-formed, open electrical chase ways reduce site labor expenses.Panel pre-fabrication results in little or no jobsite scrap being generated, since field cutting of panels is generally not required. This eliminates jobsite material waste and disposal costs, estimated to be about 25 to 35% of wood framing costs, which clients ultimately pay for.
    • Once installed, panels with pre-cut door and window openings are ready for interior/exterior finishes, electric wiring, windows, doors and roofing.
  • Miscellaneous

    • The building envelope can be quickly built and secured, available to sub-trades and their materials, reducing potential job-site theft.
    • No need for surface preparation prior to applying finishes – walls are smooth and straight, free of nail pops. No bowing or warping.
    • Solid walls eliminate need for fire blocking.
    • Relatively lightweight panels make for lower transportation costs and easier, safer materials management in the field.
    • Build year round. Rapid exterior shell installation facilitates building in any climatic condition, any time of year. Exposed to rain or snow, water resistant panels won’t be damaged, as would many other exterior shell construction materials.

The moisture tolerance and lightweight of EPS gives you greater latitude in product transport, storage, labor management and scheduling. It presents better choices in challenging weather conditions or job site environments. Delays are reduced, risks minimized and time saved. And lastly, get paid sooner.

“If I were to build my own home, I would definitely use the Kwik-Build Panels system. It’s simple to learn, laborers took to it very easily (despite their initial reluctance) and framing time was greatly reduced”.

Josh Santa, General Contractor