Kwik-Build Panels’ innovative building envelope technology addresses several issues, from improved structural performance and durability, to moisture management and energy conservation. Next to keeping structures standing, building envelope design and construction are often considered to be the most challenging of any project. Specifying our pre-engineered, pre-insulated and pre-fabricated system, partially assembled by the manufacturer, greatly facilitates the process.

Kwik Build Panels will:

  • Provide a ready-made solution for specifying a proven, effective and durable insulation system – crucial to high performance building envelopes, LEED® projects, Net Zero Energy Homes and Passive House designations.
  • Greatly facilitate meeting the stringent demands of California’s new 2013 Title 24 requirements, (effective July 1, 2014) when designing effective building enclosures
  • Provide an effective R-value of 33, up to twice that of equal thickness traditional bat insulation, reducing HVAC requirements and/or alternative energy systems.
  • Withstand wind speeds up to 170 mph, common in Category 5 hurricanes, super typhoons or tropical cyclones.

Panels may be used either in load bearing or non-load bearing applications for residential and commercial buildings. They may be used in designing buildings of Type I, II, III, IVor V construction, not greater than 40 feet in height above grade, or as infill for high-rise buildings.

Specifying Kwik-Build Panels will help architects and design professionals manage air, water, moisture and heat flow through the building envelope, as well as contribute to sound control and fire protection with relative ease.